Why encounter your Designer?

With God’s grace, I discovered one important thing that most Christians do not seem to care about, although it is plain in the Bible: we get filled with the essence of God by basking in His awesome love.

In Ephesians 3:17b-19, the Apostle Paul prayed an important prayer. Check it out.

Ephesians 3:17-19

Paul’s purpose for praying for the Ephesian Christians is for them to be completely filled with the very nature of God. Paul wants them to be so filled with God’s nature that when they perspire, God’s nature would ooze out from every pore of their bodies. Paul therefore prays the proper method or path of getting this result. He prays that they should be rooted in God’s love. Knowing the passion God has for us fills us with the very nature of God. For me, somehow Paul’s prayer made me think about a cup of coffee filled to the brim with a little heart in its froth. It just reminds me about getting filled with the fullness of God.

God loves mankind in ways that defy common sense. His divine love for mankind defies definition. It is too wide, too long, too high and too deep. It is not possible to be known fully, but we have to get on the adventure anyway. It is so beneficial that we can’t ignore it. As we get lost in understanding the love of God for mankind, we begin to walk in God’s spirit. Discovering and receiving the love of God provides us with a realistic chance to enjoy a life filled with the very nature of God.

I maintain this blog and have written a few articles and books based on this understanding to encourage you to discover and explore the love of God. When you do this the proper way, you end up encountering God in a real way. And your victory is guaranteed. Take time to enjoy exploring the love God has for you through these resources.

Please feel free to tell me about yourself, your faith journey, and whatever you have on your mind in the comments sections of this blog. Thank you for taking your time to share.

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